From Argentina, made in Canberra

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Our story

"We didn’t start as chefs or bakers. But our Argentinian roots make their way of inspiring us to share a piece of our culture with what it is now our new home here in Australia.

 Our journey began in 2019 in Canberra with the desire to introduce our beloved flavours of Latin America to family and friends.

After several months of hard work and dedication, we could finally mastered a recipe, and now we are ready to share our artisanal, hand-crafted treats with you. 

Our mission

With all these crazy times going on and the self-isolation made us wonder what we could do to give Australians back the hospitality and warmness they offer us when we first arrived here? And what better than sharing a piece of our culture with them (a tasty one!), our new home. 
That's when we start cooking these traditional treats from Argentina that bring us joy and a lot of memories—hoping to bring the same joy to other people.

We proud ourselves of what we've achieved and stood by our belief in creating simple, feel-good food to be enjoyed with family, friends or way not just with yourself. 

We invite you to try them, and let them become your new sweetness obsession!  

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Premium Chocolate

The Milonga Alfajores are hand-coated with premium Belgium Chocolate.

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Lucius Dulce de Leche

This is the one thing we cannot negociate. Everyone of our products are filled with a generous amount of our creamy Dulce de Leche.

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Handmade from scratch

From the cookie's dought to the delicate hand-tied red ribbon on the packaging, everything is made with extra care and love to deliver the best quality product to you.